A simplified Wellness Mentorship program Built for Busy Women On the Go based on Body Confidence & Simplified Food & Fitness -  with your very own Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Body Image Expert in your back pocket!

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Learn how to LOVE your body & take care of it in a simplified way so you can stop stressing and start truly LIVING the POWERFUL & CONFIDENT life you desire with more energy than you know what to do with!

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✔Access to a private group coaching Telegram thread  (nothing to log into - comes directly to your phone! So EASY!!)

✔A 30 minute, 1-on-1, Onboarding Kick-Off Call with Danielle to go over your personal goals

✔Regular motivation, tips, strategies, and inspiration plus weekly challenges & accountability check-ins

✔Individualized support - ask anything & Danielle will provide feedback

✔Quick & effective Hype Girl Mashup Workouts created by Danielle for members only!

✔Danielle's Energy & Focus - this is Danielle's #1 spot to hang out

✔Membership includes all monthly courses, masterclasses, and/or workshops hosted by Danielle!

Key Areas Of Focus in the Powerhouse Collective:

đŸ’ƒđŸ»Â Mindset : Figuring out why we think the way we think and reframing our approach to wellness, food, fitness, confidence, body-image...

đŸ’ƒđŸ»Â Fitness : Making it fun, simplifying it, incorporating it into every day life...

đŸ’ƒđŸ»Â Food : Adding instead of subtracting, creating a healthy relationship with it, quality vs. quantity...

đŸ’ƒđŸ»Â Confidence : How to get more of it, daily habits, building it, sharing it, owning it...

đŸ’ƒđŸ»Â Self-Love : Appreciating our bodies, building wellness gratitude, determining our priorities, looking in the mirror loving who we see, helping the other women in our lives have more of it...

You'll learn the P.O.W.E.R. Method and how to use it to improve every aspect of your life! 


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