Become the Most Confident Woman You Know

So you finally build that successful business, post those videos on social media, take those pictures with your kiddos, walk with your head held high, apply for every position you deserve, get healthy AF, become motivated and full of energy to pursue your dreams, & start LIVING more & stressing LESS!

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85% of women & 79% of girls opt out of important life activities because of low body-esteem.

Everything you need to elevate your confidence is in this 6-module accelerator program...

6 In-Depth Training Modules

Lifetime Access to the entire course that teaches you how to build CONFIDENCE throughout various areas of your life!  

One-on-One Coaching via Text

You can access me from 8-5pm EST Monday through Friday to help you work through any & all of the things you need assistance with for 4 weeks!

The POWERHOUSE Moves Membership for 2 Months

A quick and effective coaching program with 1 POWERHOUSE Move to make each week to improve your health, wellness, confidence, & mindset!

Total Value : $1,399


“Danielle always motivates me and makes me feel more confident every time I have a coaching call with her."

"I feel more confident and ready to create the life I have always imagined because I now have the tools and knowledge that I need to do so!" - Jen 

Meet your Coach, Danielle

She’s your virtual hype girl, dancing queen, & woman on a mission to live in a world where no little girl ever looks in the mirror and dislikes what she sees. 

Danielle is a Body Confidence Coach and Motivational Dance Fitness Instructor. Leaning on her education with a Masters Degree in Sociology with a focus in women’s health and combining it with her own wellness journey, she inspires & motivates women around the world to question beauty standards and get OUT of their body thoughts and INTO living their best, most confident lives!

With 10 years of experience as a professional in the Helath & Fitness Industry she's turning it upside down one woman at a time as she encourages women to workout to FEEL good, set LIFE goals & priorities instead of weight-loss & measurement goals, & open their eyes to an industry that profits by increasing women's insecurities. 

She has a unique way of combining her knowledge of society with her passion for fun fitness and creates an environment where women truly find their power.  

Equally important ... Danielle LOVES reality tv unapologetically, dances 24/7, has an obsession with French Fries, loves traveling the world, is a momma of 2 crazy German Shepherds, and she's not sure who gave her the title of "adult" but she'd like to give it back.

"I really don’t think I would have shared if it weren’t for you and what you teach. I would have waited until I felt like my “after” was perfect. Then I would have felt like I was ready bc nobody would judge me for being “imperfect”. So thank YOU!...I know I have a ways to go but I'm not as timid to put myself out there on social media (reels, lives, etc). Also, I'm more accountable for my time and actions (or lack of actions in some cases)."

Imagine waking up in the morning READY to take on life.
Imagine looking in the mirror & appreciating what you see.
Imagine posting the pictures & videos for your biz without worrying about what other people will think.
Imagine living a healthy life WITHOUT having to stress about food & fitness.
Imagine your kids looking up to you & being proud when they say "I want to be just like you mom."


Here's how we create that & what it looks like during your time in the program:


6 modules of deep-dive training (lifetime access) 

All Workbooks & Guides (lifetime access)

One-on-One Coaching via Text Message Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Access to the POWERHOUSE Moves Program for 2 months

Accountability Check-Ins 


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"I'm more positive and starting to love my body more than I ever have!" -Alexis

"It's not your fault that you lack confidence, but it is YOUR responsibility to do something about it."

- Danielle Nicole Hogle